What is 20$?


20$ is:

1) a some of money = 2x10$,4x5$,10x2$ etc...

2)approximetly 6 gallons of gas...

3)price for Sympatico High-Speed Internet...

4) Price for Guardian ship on Adventure Quest.

Guy #1: Hey man! I got 20$! Hmmm...I can buy 10 chocolate bar...Haha

Guy #2(whispers) You bastard...

Gas seller: That wouild be 20$, Sir.

Coustemer: Damn...Gas is too expensive these days...

Sympatico: Hello, dear custemer! Buy our internet for only 40$ per mounth.

Custemer: Well, go to hell!

Sympatico: Buy it or pay the consequances!

Custemer: Oh yeah?! Well, bring it on!

Sympatico: Grrrr...

Custemer: Better luck next time!

Can't login?Bored of old same AQ? Well buy your self a guardian ship and you will be able to login anytime! And so many quests!

Player: Put this right up your ***!

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