What is 2000?


The year that almost everybody thought the world was going to end and all the computers would crash. But, of cource, none of this happened.

It's almost 2000, QUICK buy some spam, beans, and a shotgun!


The death of the 1990's =(.

Also the year everyone went out and blew tons of cash on generators in suspicion of the world ending... idiots (in reference to same idiots of 6/6/2006 and future idiots of 12/21/2012).

Apocalyptic Idiot: Dude man, I coulda swore we were all goners when we hit the year 2000! It's definitely comin' in 2012...

Me: You're a moron. I've got your apocalypse right here in my fists... Viva la 90's!

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The year that people thought the world would end. The Y2K bug was a glitch that on the day it turned 2000, old computers would mistake it as the year 1900 (a LONG time ago). They fixed computers. Thought to be the start of the third millenium, but since there was no year zero, 2001 (a way better year, even if Burger King had veggie burgers in 2000) had to start it. 2000 only started the new century.

Interviewer: What were you doing in the year 2000?

Me: I was working as a bank teller.

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a breakers variation of the 1990 where instead of spinning only on one hand you put your other hand over top of teh one spinning.

2000 is only mastered after the 1990

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