What is 2006?


An immensely shitty year.

Wow, 2006 was a fucking shitty ass year.

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McDonalds, Beer, Sex, Drugs, Myspace, GED's and Football. Enough said.

2006-McGriddle, Bud Light, 69 position, LSD, shitty pictures, sorry education, and the FLORIDA GATORS

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The year Italy won the FIFA world cup against France. Went into two 15 minute over times. And then into 5 penallity kicks.

the winner of the FIFA world cup 2006 was Italy

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The year we are in now. It's okay but 2005 was better

2006 is just a big pile of Paris Hilton trying to sing and new douchebags on MTV. It's gay!

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A shitty year for hip hop, this year is when hip hop died, when proof died he took hip hop with him, and nas made his hip hop is dead album in 2006. People stopped making meaningful rap in 2006 and started making songs about dances. The same thing applies to 20072008 and the present year 2009 and probably it will continue to be dead in 2010

Man Hip Hop died in 2006

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In reality, it's much better than 2007

2006 kicks 2007's ass

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The year after 2005.

Oh fuck, it's 2006. We're fucking fucked. The world is in a nuclear winter and I'm freezing my fucking sack off.


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