What is 2008?


Like 2007 and 2009 but it's 2008 and it's great

Happy 200(GR)8! 2008 is going to be great!

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The year George W Bush Gets His White Monkey Ass Out Of The White house And Allows Someone Else With a Bigger Functional Brain Run The USA....USA....USA....USA!

CIA:Mr President You Have to leave now, its 2008, you know...4 yrs after u should have been kicked out?

Bush: I Like Purple

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When it is placed after someone's name, especially a politician's name, it means that the person speaking/writing would like to see that someone run for President of the United States of Americain the 2008 presidential elections.

Saying "X 2008!" or "X/Y 2008!" means that you greatly approve of X and Y, that you agree with their ideas and thoughts.

Olbermann tells it like it is! Olbermann/Stewart 2008, man!

stewie griffin's so cool! Stewie 2008!

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A year in which

The ecomony was going through a recession

Music was more of this dancy shit such as Forever and stuff

Being lesbian is cool

Everybody either wants to be either a scene kid, or a boho chic person who wears tunics and uggs.

Pokemon is tha shit again

Everybody is obsessed with being "green" and if you sneeze the wrong way, you are considered "autistic", which is really something that is a 1-10,000 chance of really having.

Gas prices were like $4 or more a gallon in the US

You gotta dye your hair black or become a redhead

A governer out of nowhere starts a new fashion craze for 17 year olds everywhere.

and best of all...

You love Obama!!!

2008 is a pretty good year, hope 2009 is even better

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The year when we're suppose to have change....It had an impact on me because it makes me feel older.

It's suppose to be better than 2007. Definietly better than 2006.

Me: OMFGZ it's 2008


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A pretty dull year for me overall. Atleast some of the mainstream music from this year was actually pretty good. MGMT and Vampire Weekend, anyone?

I couldn't care much for 2008. We need a good year again like 2004.

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The 2008th calender year after Jesus H. Christ's death.

Also, it isn't the year George W. Bush gets out of the White House you dumb cunts.

Here's to a great 2008!

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In Standard English; It is considered as the year

of 'Technoloy' but teens had turned it as the year

of the Idiots... It's widely used in Northern America.

Mostly by teens in their late Eighteen.

John: Hey! you are 2008!!

Sharmuto: what did u call me?

John: I said, "You are 2008"

Sharmuto: I ain't 2008, but grandy is, losser!!

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