What is 2009?


The last of the 'aughts. 2009 will be one of the best years in recent memory. Its only downside is it is at the dawn on 2010. And we all know what 2010 is going to be like...

2009 was the best year since 2005. Pity 2010 came up right after it man, that year gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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The year after 2008.


2009 comes after 2008.

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The year of change...

Change - Obama in 2009

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Probably one of the best years in the 2000s. It will be a lot better than 2006 because Bush will be out of the way (back to Liberalism woot!) , the War on Iraq will probably end, gash prices will have an all time low, and we will probably have a new fashion and music scene, finally. We are getting sick of emo and gangsta music. The next wave of music is going to be electronica with a steady beat. Listen to Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. and you'll get the idea.

In 2009, things will be much better than the way it is in 06.

Party like it's 2009!!

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the year the second part of MGS 2 takes place. you know when you play as that pussy raiden?

what are you gonna do, make fun of me cuz I have alot of definitions on here?

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The year that won't be as good as 2008 and everyone will refer to as 2010 because the number 9 is never considered a real number.

Bob in 2009: Hey what year is it again?

Tim: It's 2010, duh.

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