What is 2010?


Nine years after 2001.

The year we make contact.


The whole number after 2009 but before 2011

The tenth year after the world was supposed to end

The year all those eyeglass makers will be SOLbecause the second 0 will be a 1

Pair of 2008 glasses -2008-

Pair of 2010 glasses -2010-

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Winter Olyimpics held in Vancouver in the year 2010.

Stupid idea on BC's part.

Yay the olympics are in Vancouver in 2010.

2010 I am heading to Vancouver for the olympics!

See Superman


The year we will be able to pronounce "twenty ten" and it will seem kind of like the future.


its gonna be wild

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Slang for loss of virginity.

'I hear Alice gave Greg her 2010.'

'Man, I hope I get laid by 2010.'

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