What is 2015?


A year that Marty {Martin McFly or to his mom as a teen, Calvin Klien(it was on his underwear)}(actor:Michael J. Fox) and the Doc {aka Doctor Emmit Brown}(actor; Christopher Lloyd)go to in the Doc's time machine (dillorian) this year has flying cars and a "sky way", pepsi bottles are hard to open,and any game you play with your hand is supposedly a "baby's toy"

Marty: you mean we are in the year two thousand fifteen (2015)?!?!

Doc: well...i...uh...

Jennifer (marty's Gf): wait i dont understand marty.

Marty: Well... Jennifer, youre in a time machine.

Jennifer: WOW!!! O_O *turns to Doc* you said we have kids right?!?! how many? was it a big wedding with lot's of flowers?

Doc: well...i...uh

Jennifer: OMG! we're gonna see where we live! marty! we're gonna see our future!

Marty: heh...yeah...

Doc: *puts laser beams in jennifer's eyes and she falls asleap.*

all of this is in the air inside the dillorian/time machine

See 1985, mcfly


The year most popular with introducing the human race to "Generation Zero". As in zero flaws of any kind ..... to ALL MAN KIND born of that year.

Savi: So, when is your baby due?

Kenya: Well, I selected to have a Fall birth with the Gnome Laboratory ..... Right now I'm looking at November 5th, 2015 between 5 and 9 PM.


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