What is 2017?


According to Moecco, this is the year after the end of the world, meaning.

1) Another universe forms. (Ones that the current generation of humans and other lifeforms outside of earth will NOT take part of =( )

2)A Big mess of nothing-ness stretching for an infinite amount of length/width/depth will appear. (Until/If another universe appears.)

3)God throws his 44th armaggeddon aniversary with all whom dwell with him. (While the suckers in hell must polish satan's nails all day and wipe his red ass.)

Pete:Well it's December 30th, 2016, what do you want to do?

Mak: I don't know. Let's go over to the mountianside and watch the dragons enflame new york city.

Pete: Ok.

See hanes


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