What is 210?


The San Antonio Area code. And since its also a term for blow job I guess it makes us a bunch of sluts.

Come to San Antonio for a 210 because that's our area code.


code word for a blow job (aka bj, felatio, oral, "going down", two-ten). "b" is the 2 and "j" is the 10, by the order of letters in the alphabet.

"Hey guess what?"


"My girlfriend's giving me a 210 after school!"

"No she's not! Wait-you don't even have a girlfriend!"

"Yeah... I know."

"Plus I thought you were gay!"


see also two-ten


the freeway in so california that runs from downtown la into downtown san bernardino

the 210 is the least traffic freeway

See drive, mountains, party, la


This also can be used when taking about someone without a car. Meaning being someone drives two feet and ten toes.

Benz 190?! Bitch, you drive a beat 210!


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