What is 2112?


1) kick-ass album by Rush

2) the next palendromic year

1) 2112 kicks ass!

2) 2112 will be a kick ass year, hopefully better then 2002 was

See lucky


My name, and one of the best albums of all time.

See 2112


adverb: Instructed that operating society as a whole cohesive group and not as an individual is for the better, when in reality this constricts the artistic aspects of life and growth.

noun: very impacting fourth album by Rush in 1976 - *****

Just when you feel as if you have come to a point of stability and calm in your emotions, something comes along to jar you and throw you off balance, 2112

See rush, society, artistic, 2112


A well known album by t he rock band Rush.

did you listen to Rush's 2112 yet?


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