What is 212?


New York City Area Code

my number is 212-...

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-New York City Area Code

-The number of degrees fahrenheit it takes to boil water.

If Eminem was from NYC, it'd be "Now everybody from the 212, put ya muthafuckin hands up and do what I do!!"

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blood love

212 ma nigga, stay red up

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An adjective to describe a situation, location, and/or person that possesses an inherently chill nature, as well as a force field that guards against drama, anxiety, and all that is uncool.

Antonym: "The Hills"

"Will Lindsey Lohan be there?"

"Um, eff no. This party is 212 only."

"Single male seeking 212 female who is DTF."

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Used to call someone to privately speak with them.

(Made famous by Jim Jones "Emotionless" intro.)

Yo lemme 212 with you real quick.


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In game code name for msn, used for the online game RUNESCAPEto prevent banning from the faggot jagex mods for saying "msm".

you:yo get on 212 nerd

some nerd: k

you:yo get on msm you hoe

some random pmod: OMG REPORTED HOMO

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Gang in north neawrk mems are cv mb iz and wb

Gang in new jersey, northern part


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