What is 2138008?


Acutally, 2138008 on a calculator upsidedown says "BOOBEI(backwards)S"



Something you do in your spare time in 6th grade math class.

Kid1- *types 2138008 into calc* "Look at what I can spell."

Kid2- "Idiot, the S is backwords and the I&E are switched."

See 7734209, boobies, boobless, 5138008


Actually, it spells BOOBIES, not BOOBLESS.. That would be 55318008

All the geeks in grade school did this when they wanted to get a girl's attention.

See Jenny


A number sequence typed into calculators or other digital devices by immature junior high students to display a naughty yet juvenile message. The message, when flipped upside down, clearly reads, "BOOBLESS."

See also 7734206

Bobby: "Hey, look at this!"

Johnny: "What?"

Bobby: "This describes our stupid teacher... ::types into calculator, holds it up to Johnny::

...she's BOOBLESS!!!"

See kuroneko


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