What is 214?


the zip code for dallas tx

some zipcodes for dallas is 972 214 469 so people say 9721469 meaning dallas. like 713 is houston as 214 is to dallas


A group of homosexual sheep herders in Austria who became famous in the late 1820's for sodomizing their animals after a long and difficult day in the fields. They were also famous for brewing a special ale which they would use to drug the local townswomen, usually those who resembled their sheep, and perform what is known as a trainon them.

Townsperson - "Oh my God, that's one of those 214 guys"

Townswomen #1 - "yeah, I think I remember drinking with them"

Townswomen #2 - "yeah, I was drinking with them last night and now I'm sore as fuck."

Townsperson - "What crazy 214er's. They sure love those sheep. Crazy fucking sodomizing bastards. Why are we not stopping them?"

See homosexual, animal sex, gay, austria


The MBTA bus route into Germantown.

PERSON: When da nex 214 b at?

MBTA PERSON: Fuckin' 2:17 am. Follow the drunk guy.

PERSON: Fuckin' no! I'm gon kick u honky ass!

MBTA PERSON: No. Please refrain.

PERSON: White mans excuses.

MBTA PERSON: I am so sorry.

PERSON: White mans apologies.


PERSON: But I still ain't got my 40 acres an mule.

*214 pulls up. PERSON & drunk guy get on and drive to Germantown.*


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