What is 23?


The greatest number of all time.

Reasons why: It is...

1. a prime number, as are 2 and 3.

2. Michael Jordan's number.

3. the NBA record for most consecutive points scored by a single player in a game, done by none other than Michael Jordan.

4. the number of chromosomes in a human sperm or egg.

5. the angle between the earth's magnetic and rotational axis.

6. the Tropic of Cancer at 23 degrees N Latitude.

7. the Tropic of Capricorn at 23 degrees S Latitude.

8. a and the page is very cryptic.

9. the most quoted Psalm in the bible ("The Lord is my shepherd..."

10. the number of people executed in "A Tale of Two Cities"

11. the smallest number of people for which there is at least a 50% chance that two will share the same birthday.

12. the standard TCP/IP port for Telnet.

13. one of the "Lost" numbers on the television show....also the sum of two of the other numbers (8 & 15)and the solution to 42-15-4=23, all of which are also Lost numbers.

14. the number of times Caesar was stabbed in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

15. has been prominently featured in the following: Serendipity, Futurama, Star Wars A New Hope, Monty Python The Life of Brian, Seinfeld, The Big Lebowski, The Matrix Reloaded, and Die Hard III among MANY MANY other movies.

16. the number of flavors Dr. Pepper claims to be a blend of.

17. the number of distinct orientations of Tetris pieces.

18. the sum of U2, the greatest band ever. U is the 21st letter of the alphabet.

19. the number of letters in the latin alphabet.

20. the number of the Illuminati.

21. the letter W in the english alphabet, a letter with 2 points down and 3 points up.

22. the smallest number of integer sided boxes that tile a box such that no two boxes share a common length.

23. the only US president to serve between nonconsecutive terms of another president (23rd president Benjamin Harrison serving between Grover Cleveland's terms).

Michael Jordan IS number 23. Be like Mike.

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Only the wierdest, eerie, yet awesomest number ever. It is probably the most commonly discussed number of all time. Why?

1--2 divided by 3 is .666

take the devils numbers(6 6 6) and add 2 and 3 6+6+6+2+3= 23

2--September 11, 2001...add it up... 09-11-2001 9+11= 20+2= 22+1= 23

World Trade Center WTC for short.

W is the 23rd letter

T is the 20th letter C is the 3rd 20+3= 23

3--Michael Jordans number. Michael's father was murdered july 23

4--David Beckhams number is 23

5--my names tc T is the 20th number in the alphabet and C is the 3rd. 20+3=23

I was number 23 on my soccer team

6--my favorite soda is dr. pepper...23 flavors

7--i graduated from my high school with the class rank of 23

8--my mother was 23 when i escaped that prison called the womb

9--the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912

0+4+1+5+1+9+1+2= 23

10--William Shakespeare(greatest poet to ever live)

born-April 23 1564

died-April 23 1616

11--the Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8:15a.m. 8+15= 23

on Aug. 6, 45 8+6+4+5= 23

12--W is the 23 letter of our alphabet. it has 2 points down and three points up. if you look at your keyboard you will see that w is right below and between the numbers 2 and 3.

13--it takes 23 seconds for your blood to circulate throughout your body

14--there are 23 characters on the face of all the original U.S. coins... check for yourself

15--January 23- Hitler formed the NSC

November 23-he tried to seize power

16--The movie "The number 23" began filming on January 23, 2006

17--theres 23 vertibre in the human body

18--23 is one of the cursed numbers from the t.v. show lost

19--Saddam Hussein was hung on December 30, 2006 12+3+2+6=23

20--the American Crow's max speed is 23 mph..this bird is thought to be a symbol of bad luck

21--the first six digits of pi are 3.14159


22--the very first morse code message was "What hath God wrought" (what hath God done) was from the bible passage numbers 23:23

Jesus was believed to be born on July 23

23--According to ancient Mayan prophesy on December 23, 2012 the world will be no more.

23 rocks dude

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michael jordans number when he played for the bulls

this is a code alert, my truck rim size the number on jordans shirt 23's go to work


the number of the illuminatae. also associated with chaos magick.

many examples can be found in the 'book of lies'. ie; 23 ski-doo!


The number 23 is my favorite number.

It's my birthday.

The number of flavors in Dr. Pepper... but I don't like DP

The "23 Enigma" is the Discordant belief that all events are connected to the number 23, given enough ingenuity on the part of the interpreter.

Just watch The Number 23, you'll understand

Plus its a pretty good movie. I liked it:)

There are many more things that have to do with the number 23, trust me. I've thought of so many.. I just can't remember them all.



. . .23

. .23




.. . . 23

.. 2323

.. . . 23

.. . . 23


I really hope that worked..

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A Dr. Pepper soda, because of the twenty-three flavors in its manufacture.

23 is my favorite of all sodas.

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Nathan Scott's basketball number on TV's One Tree Hill. The show is shot in Wilmington, NC and they play in the same gym as Michael Jordan. (Also no. 23.)

Haley tattooed 23 on her.

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