What is 237?


To wake up early in the morning (around 2:30 or so) and to realize that you have just had a dream about a person you have many sexual feelings for.

You can also say "237" when this person you have sexual feelings for has the numbers (237) in thier cell phone number

Girl: Damn, i just woke up and had a total 237 about Vinny

Other Girl: Doesn't Vinny have 237 in his phone number?

Girl: Oh Shit

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To go crazy. For example, in the movie "The Shining," the former caretaker haked his family to bits with an axe while looking after an isolated, large hotel in its off season in the sucluded mountains. The family lodged in room 237. Pronounced "two-three-seven."

The guy ended up living in isolation and began sticking pins in his urethra for fun. He went 237.

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