What is 240?


A model by Volvo driven by professors, intellectuals, and big headed service managers. Also eighty ounces of beer.

John drives a 240 and looks like a complete tool.

Yo, I had 2 forty of st. ides and I got me a mean buzz


240 is used as a reference to cannibus sativa ( marijuana ) origon as I was told is that at 2:40 everything stops so that everyone can smoke their stash

relaxed work environment, casual dress, 240 friendly

See weed, pot, ganga, refer, bud


some lame-ass Bellevue gang that think their shit don't stink.

Matt: "Holy shit dude, did you hear about that shooting at the West Lot? The whole Russian gang is dead!"

Mike: "Fer sho dude, it was the 240s, they fucking shoot up everyone in their way"

Matt: "Fah shizzle"


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