What is 250?


In Mandarin it refers to extremely dumb person. Used similar to “retard” or “dumbass”

John is such a 250, and he doesn’t know it, at least I think he doesn’t.


BC Kamloops region area code. Pretty thugged out area.

B1: Fresh out K-Town!

B2: Reppin for the 250!

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- The Fattest Shit





Hey, have you seen the ending video for Final Fantasy 7? That shit is 250.

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A person whom spends unlimited amounts of money on a female in a desperate attempt to purchase her affection. Named after a very expensive steakhouse where an average meal for two runs around $250.00 . Also known as Mr. 250.

"Maan there go 250... he be blowin all his money on steaks n drinks and still ain't got no love back"

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means clab (="crying like a bitch") in 1337.

ok so lol (="laughing out loud") becomes 101 where

the "l"s becomes ones and the "o" becomes 0,

and 101 in binary equals 5 in decimal,

and the bitwise operation NOT performed on 5 becomes 11111010 in binary where 5 is a byte,

and 11111010 in binary is 250 in decimal.

that means that NOT lol ("not laughing out loud") equals 250 ("crying like a bitch")


sad person: omg my car fucking died!!! *250*


n00b: omg u kild m3 fukin sheyatface!!!111elevenoneo0ne

1337: stop 250 noob and go screw a goat

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