What is 252?


East coast Blood set, also known as Sex Money Murder 252. After a major operation by state and local authorities they are also known as G-Shine or G-Shyne

252 all day

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area code for new bern, nc. we da realest niggas on the planet!!! we be pickin da cott0n on da daily nigga!!!! we make fitty cent look like a quief!!!! fuck you hatin ass niggas!!! thug life nigga!!! only the realest niggas rezide in da bern city!!! we shooott yo ass up if you is a crab!!! blaaaaatttttt!!!!! cotton niggas fo life!!!!!

252 area code new bern north carolina nigers quief kike dyke cunt porch monkey mother fucker big lips cross eyed nigger

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A double shot made with Bicardi 151 and Wild Turkey (100 proof)

If you think the 252 smells bad, wait till you taste it.


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