What is 2600?


A mag 'bout hacking and computer stuff, with a emphasise on freedom of rights and stuff. Edited by emmanuel goldstien.

2600 is a kicking mag.

See censor


2600 Hz was he frequency emitted by a toy whistle from a Cap'n Crunch box that could allow the user to make free phoe calls.


Great quarterly published magazine. Very informative.

I picked up 2600 at Barnes & Noble today, it's a sweet issue.


Also refers to the Atari 2600, which is the root of almost all video games today--not really Pong like is often reported.

And the ARP 2600.

Got any new 2600 games?


A hard copy hacking/phreaking magazine.

Before 1995, 2600 was a fine publication. The direction it's going in now is starting to piss me off!

Why doesn't 2600 print any good phreaking related material anymore?


2600 is a quarterly based on the idea of "See Something, Say Something ." There are international meetings every week based on your local area/city/state/country.

Dude 1: Same time next week.

Dude 2: Same place bro.

Dude 1: Aight.

Dude 2: Ohh, I am trying to bring my bro to the next 2600 meeting he has some good info about Network Crypto.

Dude 1: That's great we always looking for new faces.

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a leet h4x0rs number

he was reading 2600 at the l33t h4x0r convention


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