What is 27?


the age all rockstars die at:

jimi hendrix

jim morrison

janis joplin

kurt cobain

alexander the great

james dean

river phoenix

brad nowell (lead singer to sublime) died at the age of 28 years and 2 days (2 days from joining the club)

you and i have been through that

and this is NOT our fate


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Marlboro Blend #27, Class A filter cigarettes.

An extremley trendy smoke, with a smooth,rich, mellow taste. They are roasted to bring out the flavor of the tobacco.

Lindsay Lohan has been known to only smoke 27's.

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The worst poker hand in the whole world. Only those mentally challenged or intoxicated would even consider playing this hand. It is also known as a 'beer hand', due to the obvious implications that only drunkards would play it.

Billy-Bob, inexplicably way past the legal blood alcohol limit, called all in with his 27 off suit and was gutted when he lost to a far superior hand.

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First used in a Simpsons episode, "27" is the extremely random catch phrase of the character only on for a couple seconds, 27.

Little flying math operations, symbols, and numbers to Lisa Simpson:

"Even though you're only eight, your possibilities are infinite...

You are greater than or equal to the boys...


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A great age in your twenties that ends with a prime number. By this age, you're working your way out of your quarter-life crisis, and are looking forward to a developing career and to your 30's, where you'll have more money, more cars, and more women.

He's got a hot lady at his side, a two-six in his hand... that guy is livin' it up like he's 27!

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11 + 5 + 11 = 27 = CAC = CHALLENGING ALIEN CONNECTIONS (27 letters)


27 + 24 = 51 = AREA 51 GROOM LAKE THE DREAMLAND (27 letters)


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