What is 27/4?


1. Working 27 seconds a day, 4 days a week.

2. A mistake, Someone totally meant to say 24/7.

3. A purposful mistake, someone decided to throw out 27/4 just to see who's paying attention.

1. I work real hard, 27/4.

2a. I party 27/4!

2b. Don't you mean 24/7?

2a. Oh, yeah. I'm a dunce.

3a. I'm at Jocko's 27/4!

3b. *ignoring 3a*

3a. I hate you, I'm leaving.

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A worm has 27 hearts but lives for 4 hours a day.

Hey man, what did you do today?


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27 seconds a day, 4 days a week, i.e. quite rare

Kev: Hey Boss, I work 27/4 for you.

Boss: You lazy bastard!

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