What is 281?


This is the area code for the outskirts of Houston. However, it can also apply to a person whose personalitly or clothes highlight that area. This could include frosted tips, quicksliver shirts, or an appreciation for things that those in the 713 take for granted... cause that's just how they role.

Damn, I had to drive out all the way to the 281!


Look at that guy. He is SO 281.

See idget


The area code for the parts of Houston either right outside or away from the hood, one thing that you have to remember is that 281 aint no punks so if you got beef w/ 281, you got beef w/ 832 and 713

Welcome to 281 where we keeping it gully / Mess around and get jump'd you'll be leaving it ugly.



281, the skirts outside of the inner city, 5th ward is part of the 281 territory, and they are a bunch of bad ass motha fuckers, dont mess with em, also, kingwood is in 281, this is where all the ballas at, see also 832

281 where da ballas at


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