What is 286?


A 16-bit processor from the eighties. Usually ranging from 8-12mhz, and is x86 compliant. (Only compatable with previous models -obviously-)

Strong Bad has never owned a 286.


Used in some AD&D circles. It comes from a book of wild surge

results 286 being instant death to the caster right now!! No saves no resurrections no anything just immediate and final death.Usually reserved for idiots who think that dieing is something that only happens to "other peoples" characters.

D.M so now that I have totaled up the damage from the burning mage tower that fell on you while you were trying to loot through the spell books that were on fire after I

told you that it was going to fall!! You take... 2800

points of damage.

player1 oh... can I roll for half damage?

D.M dude, your 286!! Now pack up your shit and get the fuck


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Used in chat conversations in place of "143", which is commonly known to all users. Essentially means "i love you, i love you" or 143 x 2=286.

Used also if your afraid to say "i love you" to a really good friend, and they won't have any clue to what your saying, but you do.

Guy - goodnight and sweet dreams

Girl - u2

Guy - yup, 286

See 143, 286, i love you, goodbye, buss


Phone slang, the numbers represent the letters on it (2= ABC)

it means cum

also 688 means to nut

dude I just saw that dude 286 all over that trick

Is that 688 in your hair?


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