2 Faced

What is 2 Faced?


A generally nasty term to describe someone who is nice to a person, perhaps a friend and then gives them abuse without that person knowing. Can often also be known as "back stabbing" Most often done by girls.

Hooker: "Your good at this" ;-)

Jason: "Thanks, it's my first time"

*The next day*

Bob: "So how am I doing?"

Hooker: "Better than the last guy anyway, he was terrible"

*Later that day*

Jason: "Hey Bob, how was that girl i told you about."

Bob: "She was good, said you wer terrible though"

Jason: "What! She's so 2 faced"

Old Woman 1: "Oh your table cloth is so lovely." :-O

Old Woman 2: "Yeah its my grandmothers. :$ family heirloom."


Old Woman 1: "Did you see old woman 2's table cloth? disgusting."

Old Man: "Yeah.. who even likes old woman 2?"

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Someone who has 2 Faces.

Someone who pretends to be your friend and then does everything to make your life a living HELL.

Everyone who says what they think to KOE.

Also,everyone who tells a girl she's pretty when she's ugly,thats also being a hypocrit and 2 faced.

Random French Person: Fuck off, when you talk with someone, im not ur friends who got 15 or 14 years old ya know? U can talk with my litle bro, dont talk with ME. Don't be 2 Faced.

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someone who acts different to someone around different people

you see bradley robbins he a fucking 2 faced bitch

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