50 Facts About Gays

What is 50 Facts About Gays?


Who thought this one up? It's not even a word, it's a friggin' sentence. Looks like someone wanted to get their homophobia on. Ok, fine, you want facts? Here you go.

1. Gays are born, not made.

2. Being gay is not a choice - who would choose to be hated and discriminated against?

3. Gays are not automatically pedophiles.

4. Gays don't cause AIDS. AIDS is a virus.

5. You can't get AIDS from talking to or being near a gay person because it's not spread that way.

6. Gays are just as capable of long term relationships as straights, and some of them are even better at it than straights are.

7. Letting gay people have civil marriage will not bring about the end of marriage, FOX already did that with all its marriage reality shows.

8. Gay people often have a wicked sense of humor and wit and if you ever talked to one you'd know that.

9. Gay women were not put on earth for straight men's amusement, that "lesbian" porno situation will never happen to you.

10. Not all gays fit the stereotype. There could be one right next to you right now and you'd never notice. You might be best friends with one or related to one and you'd never notice. Ha ha.

It ain't 50, but then again, you don't have 50 facts either. At least mine are true.

1 in 10, man, 1 in 10, you can't hide in your homophobic world forever, they're part of the world and the sooner you open up and realize that the happier you'll be.

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