51 Fake-out

What is 51 Fake-out?


(fif-tee-won fayk-owt) A "51 Fake-Out" is the action in which a fickle ass customer heads DIRECTLY toward a retail establishment's front doors, initiating sudden unwilling movement from lazy employees, and DOES NOT GO IN!! In turn, they just aimlessly stare inside like fat girls outside Victoria's Secret. Therefore making the employees get all excited for no reason. Most Mens Wearhouse employees HATE people who do this. We HATE them, and we wish they would die.

CSA: So you see that episode of Home Movies last night?

AsstManager: Yeah, that shit was funny!

*Customer Approaches Front Door*

AsstManager: Heads up. Looks like we've got a customer. Get ready.

CSA: Ok, boss.

*Customer Looks In, Keeps Walking*

CSA: What the fuck was that!?!

AsstManager:THAT, was that a 51 Fake-out!

See fifty-one, 51, fake, out, fake-out


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