10 Feet

What is 10 Feet?


The length of the pole which is sometimes used to touch unsightly or repugnant objects and/or people

Bubba: I wouldnt touch that girl with a 10 foot pole.

Fred: Youre right Bubba. 10 feet aint a big enough distance. Them cooties she's got can jump further than that.


a sort of restraining order between kids. Such as "stay completely away from them!"

You must stay at least 10 feet away from that kid you got in a fight with

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less than 11 feet but more than 9 feet, a foot being a collection of twelve inches, as measured on a nonmetric ruler

not to be confused with a foot, the appendage at the end of the human leg

some say that the derivative the measurement of a foot comes from measuring the king's foot in olden days, but at some point this had to be simplified, as monarchy was abolished, and measuring human feet was deemed too irregular

The ladder must have been 10 feet tall!

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(1.) The minimum distance to maintain between one's self and something awful, bad, or obnoxious, (2.) The average distance little old ladies park their cars from the curb, when parallel parking, (3.) The penis length many straight women and gay men would love their partners to have, although they wouldn't know what to do with it, if it was, (4.) A light snowfall in Minot, North Dakota.

Examples: (1.) "I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole."

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more than 9 feet yet less than 11. in other contexts, it can be applied to the unfortunate baby born with a few extra limbs. well, quite a few extra limbs. but they'd be very good at sport....

wow, we're swimming in 10 feet of crocodile poo


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