3 Feet Of Heat

What is 3 Feet Of Heat?


Someone with a major short person inferiority complex. Think Napoleon. This is usually someone who works in a chop shop, online porn or a stock pump it and dump it establishment. This person usually yells and runs around and might be known to jump on top of desks and scream about nothing to speak of. They might be rude to clients that pay them. This person likely does not have an email address nor knows how to search the web. Their cell phone is the size of a backpack or a phone booth. These are the Bud Light Bar Fleas, screwed because they have nothing much upstairs and not much to stand on besides a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes with lifts and Rogaine in the brain. Their devious nature gets them somewhere, but it's usually pretty shady and rat infested.

I just got my ass chewed by my 3 Feet of Heat boss. He has no idea that I am getting promoted over him and that he will be stuck in middle management for the rest of his life, or until he gets fired next week for using the company card at the strip joint during lunch. Hey, there are bigger chop shop and call centers right around the bend.

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