59 Fifty

What is 59 Fifty?


New era Fitted cap. The original. Flat brimmed with the sticker on it.

I was gonna get that hot ass lid at the game, but it was some fake ass shit. I need that 59 fifty.


"Gangsta" hat sold by New Era that is the most highly desired hats in existance. You MUST LEAVE THE STICKER ON to be cool, especially in Hawaii, LA, etc.

"Dannyboi just bought dat new white 59 FIFTY cap -- he has like ten already!"

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A New Era Fitted (Sized) Hat Usually Has Some Sort Of Baseball (LA Dodgers, NY Yankees) or on some cases football (Jets)Come In Various colors And Designs.

Comes With Two Stickers:

1) On The top of the brim TO BE REMOVED As it states size and you look like a dumbass if you leave it on

2) The Underside Holographic sticker to be left on as it authenticates it

Man No#1: Look At 50 Cents NY 59 Fifty He Looks An Ass

Nan No#2: Yeah Games LA Dodger 59 Fifty Looks Better

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