2 Fingers

What is 2 Fingers?


The term "2 Fingers" is most commonly used in situations where throwing up the peace sign seems socially inappropriate. The term defined means "peace out", "see ya", and can interchangably be used as "yeah right." Females and males alike commonly use the term when rejecting a member of the opposite sex, right before they turn and walk away.

Ashley: OMG did you see that hideous 5 foot nothing trying to talk to me?

Alexis: Yeah he was nasty...how'd you get out of that one.

Ashley: I just said "2 fingers", and turned and walked away.

Alexis: Ah, that would explain the perplexed and hurt look on his face

Both: *high five

See peace out, rejection, yeah right, see ya, get real


2 ounces. 1 finger = 1 ounce. Used when ordering a drink like a martini or shot.

"Hey barkeep...give me 2 fingers of gin and make it dirty"


Peace out!; Goodbye!

2 fingers guys!


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