2000 Flushes Poo

What is 2000 Flushes Poo?


Inserting some feces into the top tank of a toilet, similar to how one would place a "2000 flushes blue" cleaning tablet into one. Based on the same logic, you can theoretically enjoy 2000 flushes of poo after implementation.

While water sits in the upper holding tank, it absorbs a number of poo particles until the flush mechanism is triggered, when they travel through the flush valve and are dispersed into the main bowl for enjoyment.

Synonym: Upper Decker

Acronym: 2FP

Suzy, I noticed you're keen on using the 2000 Flushes Poo (2FP) self refreshing toilet system. People at the party just will not stop raving about it!

See upper decker, poo, feces, toilet, fun


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