420 Food

What is 420 Food?


Food that is associated with the distance it has travelled.


• For americans, it means 420 miles, this is a realistic number, remembering USA has the greatest ecological footprints. It limits a lot of international food which is a vital step.

METRIC Nations

• 420 km. The reason for Metric nations having to get food from a shorter distance is that because if it was the other way around, the Poms would continue to winge.

New Zealand'ers

• Seeming we have the purest nation, we will be teaching the world a lesson because 420 food has to bought within a 4 minute 20 travel time by any form of transport. This means a lot of homegrown food.

It also means you will need to smoke a lot of homegrown, but trust me, that can be a good thing. It encourages people to grow, (sensi I hope) and helps spread the truth about marijuana, nature's litte secret.

My organic permaculture biodynamic vege garden is hope to the greatest 420 food on the planet, including potent homegrown. (Can apply to anyone)

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