6 Foot Drop

What is 6 Foot Drop?


(n) 1. A drop of 6 feet (2 yards).

2. What exists before you fill in someone's grave.

3. A hole leading straight to the very bowels of Hell, where you will burn in its fires for all eternity.

4. A drop leading into an animal cage at the Philadelphia Zoo, which is reached by crossing under a fence.

1. -Ouch man, that must have been a 6 foot drop!

-Haha you're a dumbass.

2. At the funeral Ryan ran but fell down a 6 foot drop into his third cousin's grave.

3. -Why is it so hot down here?

-Man, we shouln't have gone down that 6 foot drop.

-Shit man this sucks!

-<voice of Satan> Hahahahahahahaha!

4. -You dont want to be doing that little girl, that's a 6 foot drop!


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