1 Gear

What is 1 Gear?


1 gear is the term for someone who doesn't catch onto jokes quickly, or has no common sense.

This person that inhibits '1 gear' doesn't necessarily have a learning disability, they are just slow on catching on. They are completely aware of their intelligence but it takes them a couple seconds or a couple minutes to realize what is going on in a conversation.

Usually occurs when someone is trying to tell a joke and they don't get it. Or, when the person continues a conversation and the opposite person has no idea what their talking about after the conversation has continued.

Larissa: You cried too.

Nina: I'm not fat.

Larissa: ....it hurt you too.

Nina: I'm not fat, I'm just big bone.

Larissa: What are you talking about? Huh?

Nina: Oh...I thought you were talking about me calling her fat.

Larissa: 1 gear Nina.

Nina: What's the number for 911??

Larissa: 911...

Nina: No! The number for 911!


Nina: What?

Larissa: 1 gear.

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