2 Girls 1 Cup

What is 2 Girls 1 Cup?


Quite possibly the most shameless and disgusting video involving feces out there right now.

The act of multiple(2) partners(girls) deffacating into glassware(1 cup) and then performing sexual acts with the fecal matter. 2 girls 1 cup

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One of the nastiest video yet....2 girls 1 cup starts with 2 girls making out, next thing you know it shows one of the girls shitingin a cup. Her actual asshole shitting...yeah sick. Then the video continues with them eating the shit and throwing it up into each others mouthes....disgusting. WARNING: YOU MIGHT THROW UP IF YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO.


Man that was straight up 2 girls 1 cup!!!

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2 Girls, 1 Cup is a touching yet controversial short movie about the trials and challenges two lifelong friends face on the road to winning the coveted State College Achievement Trophy. Helen is a girl on the cusp of womanhood, but sometimes acts without thinking. Jane is the quiet one, but plans to win with careful planning and knowledge of Helen's one weakness. On the way they will have to deal with opposition from their parents, as well as a sudden illness that threatens both of their chances at success. Who will end up with with the SCA Trophy? Can their friendship survive the competition?

2 girls 1 cup is a touching film for the whole family.

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2 girls 1 cup is a disgusting video, but also is an internet phenomenon which is to trick your friends into watching it. Videos of reactions to watching 2 girls 1 cup are famous online.

case n#1:

"-hey, have u seen this video called 2girls1cup ? you should check it out, its hilarious

-ok, ill google it tonite"

case #2:

"-you motherfucker! that link you sent me was the nastiest shit ive ever seen

-oh, 2 girls 1 cup ? lol"

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One of the most disturbing web videos in existence. It involves two girls sharing a cup of feces, with feces eating, girl-girl feces swapping, feces regurigating between girls and feces re-consumption. Arguably competes with BME Pain Olympics as most disturbing video on the net.

Have you seen 2 girls 1 cup?

Yeah, I actually couldn't watch the whole thing without looking away. Those girls will do anything for drugs.

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The most vile, disgusting, revolting, repulsive video on the internet. It involves two lesbians shitting and vomiting in a cup, then eating it.

Video at 2girls1cup. Try to watch it without flinching.

2 girls 1 cup. Trust me, its gross.

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a video in which a girl is sucking anothers tit, then boom! one girl shits in a cup but wait theres more its such a huge shit i couldnt shit that much. Then they start eating it. Not grossed out they puke it back up and eat again. this video is on 2girls1cup

aww man i puked when i saw that 2 girls 1 cup video!

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