253 Gorillas

What is 253 Gorillas?


Herb-smoking mammals native to Tacoma's Point Defiance Park, though in recent years they have spread to other urban wilds. They pose little threat to those who are "cool", but have been known to savagely assault and mutilate any who demonize the green plant to which they are so partial. Cannaboids have been scientifically proven to increase awareness of these, our simian brethren. They often reveal themselves to the extremely stoned, as strange unexplainable sounds in the night.

(deep roar bellows)

Stoner 1: Do you hear that?

Stoner 2:(coughs, *passes blunt*)Here what?

Hippie/Shaman Dude: That my friends, is the smoking call of the 253 Gorillas. Don't worry, if we leave them our roach, they pose no danger.

See cannibus, stoners, hippies, tacoma, bump-in-the-night


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