2.5 Gpa

What is 2.5 Gpa?


This basically means youre screwed if this is your undergraduate GPA or grade point average. You probably wont make it into graduate school. Especially if you are a science major. Earning a 2.5 is basically a C+ average and everyone will make fun of you.

Little Johnny attended college earning a 2.5 gpa (grade point average) thinking he was going to be a doctor. He chose a biology major and continued to work his job full time. Subsequently Johnny screwed himself over by earning a GPA of 2.5 in his classes. Johnnny now has a useless biology degree and is $60,000 dollars in debt. Since Johnny cant get into Graduate school he might as well go work at a gas station or contact the local paper for a "paper boy" position. Johnny may know a whole lot about cell biology and human physiology but he will always be seen as a failure.

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