2 Guns Up

What is 2 Guns Up?


2 guns up is the notorious legendary Off topic member from p5's. He started his legacy in The fall of 2005 and ended his legendary legacy in early 2008. After his permanent ban on the name "2 guns up" he went on to create an estimated 150 more different user names. Although urban-legend has it that the actual number of different user names he used could be in the thousands.

He is known for his brash new york attitude , shutting down opposition in debates, slamming other members with vicious insults, and challenging at least a dozen members to fist fights. To this day no one has accepted 2 guns up offers on fist fights.

2 guns up has coined phrases like "Sad Really" and "Oh my friggin head". These are legendary phrases he used often and despite his absence from Off topic, these phrases are still used to this day.

2 guns up still resides in yonkers, NY but is all over the NYC area, from the bronx, to staten island, to bensonhurst, brooklyn and to astoria, queens. He has been known to use his vacation time in the summer in north jersey and the jersey shore.

Long Live his legend.

"Hi 2 guns"

"Damn son! 2 guns is completely owning chocothunder right now!"

"MUPPokerplayer, 2 guns up posted facts that refute you're arguement. Sorry MUPPokerplayer im gonna have to side with 2 guns up on this one!

"Wacokid is just another southern inbred hick. Thats that souther education. He's lucky he can play cards otherwise he would be milking some fecal covered cow utters for 5 bucks a day.

"MODS???? 2 guns up is back again!"

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