492 Guy

What is 492 Guy?


A synonym for an online troll. Often stubborn, one-minded, and idiotic.

Stems from the idea that Marion Barber III will be a top 5 rb in fantasy football in 2008 because he will get 75% of the carries, but in reality, to do so he would need to carry the ball 492 times.

bigger g: Barber is a stud! Felix Jones won't do crap because rookie rbs don't ever get the ball that much. AD was an exeption!

bigger g: Tom brady sucks!

bigger g: EA Sports fantasy leagues rule dudes! Be in mine and we can draft and eat oreos!

bigger g: I'm afraid of girls, what about you?

poster_using_an_alias: we got a 492 guy in the house

See troll, idiot, tool, retard, combat


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