2337 Hax0r

What is 2337 Hax0r?


A kind of hax0r. '2337' meaning Reet, or Retarded, and hax0r meaning, one that pretends to be 1337. Generally partakes in a number of undesireable activies, such as w411h4x0rz in c0un732572i3k, snip0ring (fux0r, I got sh0tz0r3d in my nu7z0rz) (0wned), making DOS prompts appear on windows machines ('5up42 2337z0red'), and using IRC. Generally speaks in horrible enlish, and generally is in middle school.

fux0rz!!!!1 that 2337 hax0r just 0wnz0red my c0mp4x!!!11


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