1337 Haxxors

What is 1337 Haxxors?


1. -adverb- used to describe a (sometimes player) series of kills (at least killtac) that is sooo 1337 its unimaginable

2. -pronoun- describing a player who seems so 1337 that he is frequently occured of haxxoring

3. -verb or adverb- a term coined to describe a pk that wass so 1337 you wish for action replay, sometimes used in sarcasm to describe a n00b who thinks his average kill was in fact 1337 (this is also known as a "delusional n00by")

1. jeezus that xWGPx T0x1C had this 1337 haxxors killtacular

2. omfg it was rofl this Or1g1n4l S1n pwned these nubs who thought they were 1337 but S1n was too 1337 haxxors for them

3. that n00b thought his killtac was 1337 haxxors, but hes an idiot because everyone knows a killtac with a sword is n00b and is in fact a "killjacular".

See 1337, haxxor, noob, n00b


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