3 Headed Monster

What is 3 Headed Monster?


A woman with tits as big as her head.

She looks like she as three heads because of her huge head-sized hooters.

Damn, that chick has some humongus titties, she's a fuckin' three-headed monster. (3 headed monster)

See rack, breasts, tits, titties, tittie pie


to get stupid drunk on the 3 biggest drinking days... thursday, friday, saturday

nodizz:yoo we are doing a 3 headed monster tonight

laukx:okay but we are gonna be hung over for a week

See drinking, beer, drunk, hangover, weekend


Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent

Non you ig nig

2009 year of the 3 headed monster

See eminem, dr. dre, 50 cent, monster


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