'87 Hetfield

What is '87 Hetfield?


The pinnacle of awesomeness (Origin: In 1987, Metallica's James Hetfield was the pinnacle of awesomeness. Thus, the term "'87 Hetfield" applies to anything that can be considered to be the most awesome of the awesome, the most badass of the badass.)

"Dude, you're telling me that while he was passed out in the next room, you fucked his drunk girlfriend on their couch twice AND once with a beer bottle? That's totally '87 Hetfield!"

See metallica, awesome, badass


1) Something that can't get any better. 2) The most rocking year for the most rocking dude, Metallica's James Hetfield.

1) "Hey man, did you try the coke slushie? It's totally '87 Hetfield!"

2)"Most rocking year and most rocking dude? I'd have to go with '87 Hetfield."

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