What is 1702 Holocaust Laboratories?


One of the most frightening places on the face of the earth, the Co-founder of The Holocaust Radioactive Laboratories. Radioactivity around this area has been recorded as 10x-6(8)*. Human beings have suffered major deformaties. These laboratories have been investigated by authorities on several occasions. This is one of the most cruel and futile families since Edward Gein and the world re-known Texas Chainsaw Massacre. DJ Markus Ginzburguis has been known to host some of the most ruthless and chaotic Gimp parties in the history of mankind. He is heavely trained for desert combat on the Sahara. Commander of the SU-34 Persian Jet.

Yo, i almost went into 1702 (Holocaust laboratories) the other day,

no shit?

See death, destruction, army, dj, markus


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