1 Hour Dare

What is 1 Hour Dare?


To play A dare game for 1 hour, for every dare you DO you get $100.00 from the daree... Anything goes during this game.

There are only 2 automatic Rules,,

1.) No Public Nudity

2.) no making nasty food and eating it (ie ketchup, milk, and crackers mixed together.)

Then you and whoever you play with can make 1 more rule, but can't be defined as a whole catergory Like (no types of sex) but it should be like (no blowjobs)


Who ever has more money at the end of 1 hour wins and the LOSER must pay him within 12 months. Good Luck, Have Fun

Paul: hey you wanna play Truth or Dare

Mike: no lets play 1 Hour dare and get money

Paul: ok

1 hour later

Mike: O, Crap you won

Paul: $2,000.00 yea, you got 12 months. lol

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