9 In The Brown

What is 9 In The Brown?


1. One of the most difficult and extreme sexual acts to perform on a woman (i guess it could be done on a man... but that's just messed up). This act is accomplished by quickly, and without warning, inserting your closed right or left fist along with the four fingers on your other hand up her butt. This move is not recommended under any circumstances and may cause death and/or breakups. This technique was invented by R.H. in 2007. It is required that whenever one displays this hand gesture that person must first yell out the sound 'GAADOOUGGEE' (Brian in Family Guy flexing to Louis) and then throw out a fisted hand and four fingers on the other hand in close proximity. It is also copyrighted.

2. The most hardcore death metal band on the fucking planet. 9 in the brown is widely recognized as the premier death metal/rock/punk band to come out of Connecticut since... well, since ever. It's members include Mongo, the Duke of Oranje, CYZ!!!, and band leader Viktor (WITH A FUCKING 'K'). The group is best known for its signature song '9 in the brown' which has topped the charts consistently in the underground music scene. When not blowing people's minds at sold out shows across the country, members enjoy totally raping Rock Band songs on Double Expert level.

'Dude so I was with this girl last night and she was bein a total bitch so when I was done fucking her I turned her around and GAADOOOUUGEE!!! 9 in the brown!!!'

Kid 1: 'Oh man, were you at the '9 in the brown' concert last night? It was amazing!'

Kid 2: 'No, I wanted to but those concerts are always sold out.'

Kid 1: 'Yes, yes they are.'

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