6 Inches

What is 6 Inches?


She wanted 12 inches, so I fucked her twice.

See above. See above. ^^


average penis size of white males

Joe: Mine is six inches how big is yours?

Jeff: Mine is too!

See Othello


a guy game where you measure 6 inches from the persons arm with you outstretched pinky and thumb (like the hang ten sign) and punch through over and over until they say stop. like the game of mercy

"i'm bored. wanna play 6 inches?"

See lauren


Actually, the average length of an American penis is 6 inches; however, the average length of a Canadian penis is 6 and a half inches.

While reading my biology textbook, I discovered that Americans have a smaller average penis size (6 inches) than Canadians.

*Shrugs* can't deny the facts.

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*wiggles pinky and laughs*

*wiggle pinky and begins 2 laugh maniacally*


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