100,000 Iraqis

What is 100,000 Iraqis?


A subject that will start drama no matter who you are if you live in the US

"Bush Killed 100,000 Iraqis."

"OMG Bush so didnt kill 100,000 Iraqis Saddam would have though! You left wing dip shit"

"Ok you rightist moron where are the weapons of mass destruction"

and so on


The cost of cheaper oil for the next 30 years. Also a statistic the Bush Adminstration wished they covered up better.

Yes, I said it. After 9/11 we would go on a CRUSADE and we sure did alrighty. In the traditional sense, we slaughtered the innocent people in the name of all that is right and profitable..I mean holy and completely missed the target we portrayed.

I mean.. Hey is this mic on?

Yes Mr. President, and once again you've proved to be a asshat


A small fraction of the innocent citizens Saddam Hussein murdered in the country he wrongly considered to belong to him.

BBC Reporter: "Mr. Hussein, have you tortured and perhaps even killed 100,000 Iraqis?"

"Of course," he replied. "What do you expect if they oppose the regime?"


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