21 Jump Street

What is 21 Jump Street?


A TV show from the 80's about undercover cops posing as students, to take care of youth crimes. Shot in Vancouver.

"Yo, did you watch that episode of 21 Jumpstreet last night?"

"No, it doesn't come on TV any more..."


21 Jump Street is an awesome 80's cop show that is all about young cops posing as kids. They go undercover into the school and bust kids for rape, murder, drugs, abuse, etc. The best is when you find out something about one of the cops' past. It gets really intense.

21 jump steet envolves going into schools posing at students and then they bust the drugies. it is awesome. 21 jump street should have repeats on tv.

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Where the cheat is not from.

Who's the guy from 21 Jump Street? Not the cheat. Not the cheat.


A term used to explain when you are at a various party, club, social gathering, ect. and a fight breaks out, a person gets hit and falls on the ground and everyone begins to stomp them out. This term was made popular by rapper Lil' Wayne.

1. "21 Jump Street if anyone Jumps, once you hit the ground thats when everyone stomps..."

2. "21 if anyone, ya feel me?!"

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