240 Kids

What is 240 Kids?


Like Honda Fanboys, only they love 240SX's, and drift at every opportunity possible (or at lest try to, and crash into other cars, houses, people ECT.)There cars are often busted up and falling apart, and have a stock KA24DE in them which is on it last lag because of the age of their cars. They often consider the Nissan Skyline GT-R the holy grail of motoring.

Don't get me wrong I love 240sx when they are done right and I think drifting is awesome just not on the street. the Skyline GT-R is one of my favorite cars. I just think it is stupid when kids treat cars like gods, and argue over every fact of everything on the the car, (I.E. the internet car forums) there are outer things to life which is better SR20DET or a KA24DET better. (Clearly it's the SR because it’s more reliable because it was built as a Turbo motor from the Factory.)

240 Kids: yo man why you not have a 240

Me: because I like Subaru's.

240 Kids: that shit is lame you can't drift it.

Me: you can't drift your 240 worth shit.

240 Kids: why you be a hater?

Me: I'm not just stating facts.

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